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Armenian born and New York based artist Mher Khachatryan known as The Smoke Artist, always had an interest in the beauty of the smoke and fire, the life and death. He escapes the limits of the real world through his art.

As a youth, Mher studied in Yerevan at Art school of Hakob Kodjoyan. However, he began private art lessons a lot earlier, at the age of five. The Smoke Artist has earned his BFA in drawing and painting at the Art college of Panos Terlemezyan at the age of 16 and MFA at the Academy Of Fine Arts at the age of 20 in Yerevan, Armenia.

Mher Khachatryan, better known as "The Smoke Artist," is a unique and talented individual who has captivated audiences worldwide with his mesmerizing art form. Born with a keen eye for creativity and a passion for experimentation, Mher has carved a niche for himself in the art world as a pioneer of smoke art.


Leaving Armenia, Mher discovered his affinity for smoke art at a young age. Fascinated by the ethereal and ever-changing nature of smoke, he embarked on a journey to master this unconventional medium. Through years of dedication and countless hours of practice, Mher honed his skills and developed a distinctive style that sets him apart from other artists.


Using a variety of techniques and tools, Mher creates intricate and captivating artwork by manipulating smoke, capturing its ephemeral beauty in a tangible form. His process involves carefully controlling the movements and patterns of smoke, harnessing its unpredictability to create stunning compositions. From vibrant landscapes to intricate portraits, Mher's smoke art transcends traditional boundaries and invites viewers into a world of imagination and wonder.


The Smoke Artist's work has garnered international recognition and acclaim. His captivating pieces have been exhibited in prestigious galleries and art shows across the globe, leaving audiences in awe of his talent and creativity. Mher's ability to transform intangible smoke into tangible masterpieces has earned him a dedicated following of art enthusiasts and collectors.


Mher Khachatryan, The Smoke Artist, continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with smoke art. With each new creation, he invites us to explore the ephemeral beauty of smoke and to appreciate the artistry that can be found in the most unconventional of mediums. Through his work, Mher inspires us to reimagine the possibilities of creativity and reminds us of the profound impact art can have on our lives.

Mher has won many awards and he is an honored member of Artist’s Union of Armenia. Khachatryan’s work can be found in Armenian national gallery, the work "My Angel" is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.” Also in private collections in Armenia, Russia and in the USA. The Artist was invited to solo show in United Nation's Headquarters on World NO Tobacco day (May 31st, 2017) to bring awareness to the danger of smoking.

Mher Khachatryan has been published on Who is Who and Wikipedia. 

The smoke Artist’s work has been published in magazines and newspapers- US Weekly, OK magazine, Star, National enquirer, Radar, ... Mher Khachatryan is the founder of Cre8sart school ( He shares his passion for art by teaching kids and adults. M. Khachatryan is CEO and founder of Art to Thank ( 501c non-profit organization. Art to Thank honors those who fought for our freedom. 

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